Logo usage.


The terms of use regarding the use of brands and logos belonging to or represented by our organization are presented below for your information;

The Kayel Yazilim logo cannot be used on business cards or on the product, except for the personnel employed. Employees and organizations using the Kayel Software logo are deemed to have accepted all the rules specified in this procedure. The template for the Kayel Software logo can be found at the bottom of this page.

In case you want to use the logos and slogans determined for the registered trademarks of Kayel Group companies, they should be used in the latest version by preserving the aspect ratios and formats determined on the area, document and web page you want to use. If it will be used on the web page, you must publish it in the specified format in the Brands Section, if there is no Brands section, on the Home Page. Logo aspect ratio and format should be preserved in logo enlargement and reduction operations.

The website link of the relevant brand should be added to the logo placed on the web page. When the logo is clicked, Kayel Yazilim's website ( should open on a new page.

When the Kayel Group brands or the brands represented by Kayel Yazılım are required to be used in media such as business cards, letterheads or advertisements, you should send an information mail to and the link-name usage agreement should be sent to you and approved. .

The use of trademarks belonging to Kayel Yazilim or represented by Kayel Group in no way indicates that the trademark has been authorized for the use of representation, binding and other rights. For this purpose, a "Kayel Yazilim Partner Agreement" must also be signed.