• DRMALIS branch management software
    Software integrated into the information management system with modules of sales, camera, income and expense, product management, resource management and human resources, all of which can be controlled through the management panel.
  • Certificate validation software
    The ability to verify certificates has been enhanced by matching the trainings given on the (company name is hidden) institution's website with the codes on the certificate.
  • Bank instruction software
    Software has been developed for the (company name hidden) institution to work with more than one company with more than one bank and to automatically prepare instructions for withdrawing money from these banks.
  • Admin panel development
    (Company name is hidden) instead of the open source software currently used on the website of the institution, the design admin panel was coded from scratch and new desired features were added.
  • Meeting room KIOSK management
    The software has been developed to print meeting information on the screen according to the information captured from the server over more than one screen in more than one meeting room from the (company name hidden) admin panel.
  • Affiliate Marketing
    The software was developed by considering that a website using a paid membership system (name of the company is hidden) should be a system that starts as a foreign marketing planning but is set up from scratch.